Ultrafast broadband now a reality for Worth Valley residents and businesses – thanks to Boundless Networks

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21 December 2017
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The urgent need for better broadband across the Worth Valley area has been answered, with download speeds above 100Megabits per second (Mbps) now available.

Boundless Networks; one of the first companies in the UK to test and deliver ultrafast wireless broadband in the most sparsely populated areas of Yorkshire, has brought ultrafast wireless broadband to the Worth Valley.

With packages from £21.99 per month, superfast and ultrafast wireless broadband is available now throughout the Worth Valley, including Wilsden, Stanbury, Haworth, Cross Hills, Oakworth, Oxenhope and Oldfield.

Residents and businesses have struggled for years with extremely poor Mbps broadband speeds that barely allows them to receive emails, let alone stream any digital content.  They can now enjoy broadband speeds they thought impossible.  The benefits to the community are immeasurable.  Poor broadband is the cause of many disadvantages, including putting children’s education at risk as they cannot do their homework properly.  Faster broadband also allows smart TV use.

Better broadband in the Worth Valley can make a dramatic difference to:

  • 15,385 residential properties
  • 1,263 business properties


Boundless Networks wants to work with the Worth Valley community to ensure everyone benefits as soon as possible from better broadband.

Boundless Networks Chairman David Hood, who lives in nearby Craven, said: “We are really proud and pleased to be the provider of ultrafast broadband to the Worth Valley, bringing real, positive life changes and opportunities. We are investing in providing services that other providers say are not possible and I am proud to be able to deliver these services to local villages and communities.  We are currently working with public officials, organisations, businesses and residents within the Worth Valley to ensure we deliver improved broadband to everyone requiring it.”

Boundless Networks has contracted local business Pennine Plus as prime contractor for the installations in the area and for their local knowledge of the community.  They have been a key pillar in assisting with the installation of infrastructure across the Worth Valley that has enabled residents and businesses to have access to ultrafast broadband.

Pennine Plus Managing Director Geoff Higgins said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of something such as this, to be able to provide these people with what is nowadays considered a basic necessity of modern day life, broadband. Not only have we been able to deliver ultrafast broadband to a remote area, we’ve given them the means to become part of the digital era and join the rest of the world, and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement.”

Boundless Networks is becoming the go-to company for homes and businesses for superfast and ultrafast broadband in rural areas.  Coupled with Pennine’s extensive local knowledge and expertise, line-of-sight broadband with Boundless is expanding at an exponential rate across the region, and together they endeavour to service even the most rural of areas.

The ultrafast service is being rolled out by Boundless across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire over the next three years.  This will also remove the need for homes and businesses to wait for the Government’s Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps by delivering speeds that will futureproof rural communities for a generation.

Boundless Networks; one of the UK’s leading Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers, has been helping individuals, communities, businesses and local authorities receive superfast broadband technology in poorly serviced rural areas since 2006.

The company has one of the largest wireless coverage footprints of any such internet service provider in the country, with coverage of over 3,500 square miles with approximately 4,000 wireless links in service and operates a private national fibre network from its data centre in Manchester.

High-speed internet access provided from an array of fibre-connected masts across the region is delivered to the end user via line of sight with the use of microwaves to transmit the data to the receiver.  This removes the need for a telephone line.

Residential packages start from just £21.99 per month, and ultrafast residential packages start from only £51.99 per month.

Sign-up now, or register your interest now here for ultrafast broadband.

Picture shows the Boundless mast delivering superfast broadband to Slippery Ford residents in the Worth Valley, with Boundless and Pennine Plus vans.

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