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If you are experiencing issues with your broadband connection, other than connectivity, we recommend you use our on-line Issue Tracker, this enables you to log and track an issue and refer back to it if required, you will also receive an email alert once our support team has replied to your request or enquiry.

If you ever experience a connection problem with your broadband service, resulting in no connectivity, please call the help desk on 0113 320 3737 and select the option to hear the current service status in your locality and/or speak to our technical support staff.

What we support

  • Your main connection to our network
  • A router supplied by us

Go to Boundless Issue Tracker

Live technical support is available during normal office hours (8:30am to 5pm) Monday to Friday. Call-back only support is provided until 8pm weekdays and from 10am to 4pm at weekends. All other support issues raised are dealt with on the next working day.

Alternatively if you have internet access and your enquiry is not a broadband connection issue you can contact us via our on-line contact form here.

Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of our Broadband Internet services.


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Ineligible sectors

  • aid for the fishery and aquaculture sectors;
  • aid for the primary production of agricultural products;
  • certain aid to undertakings active in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • export aid;
  • aid favouring domestic over imported goods;
  • aid for undertakings active in the coal sector;
  • aid for the acquisition of road transport vehicles; and
  • aid for undertakings in difficulty