Boundless Networks brings ultrafast services to more areas of Craven

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3 April 2017
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Boundless Networks is one of the first companies in the UK to test and deliver ultrafast wireless broadband in the most sparsely populated areas of North Yorkshire.  Now it is expanding the areas to where people can order it to include Cononley, Silsden and parts of Skipton.

Boundless Networks is offering homes and businesses in parts of Craven the chance to forget superfast broadband and experience ultrafast broadband.  It is expanding its coverage so that more people can access the ultrafast world and experience 4K TV at its best. New wireless technology is allowing areas of Craven the ability to access the internet at ultrafast speeds in excess of 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) and up to 200Mbps – over twice as fast as standard Fibre to the Green Cabinet services that many areas can now access .  (Ultrafast broadband provides download speeds above 100Megabits per second (Mbps), and superfast broadband above 30Mbps.)

The provision of these ultrafast services allows many homes and businesses to be able to access the internet far faster than even urban neighbours. With ultrafast services available in villages such as Cononley and Bradley they will provide access to services that surpass the download speeds of people in Leeds who only average around 28Mbp*

The ultrafast service is being rolled out by Boundless across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire over the next three years.  This will also remove the need for homes and businesses to wait for the Government’s Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps by delivering speeds that will futureproof rural communities for a generation.

Boundless Networks; one of the UK’s leading Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers, has been helping individuals, communities, businesses and local authorities receive superfast broadband technology in poorly serviced rural areas since 2006.

The company has one of the largest wireless coverage footprints of any such provider in the country, with coverage of over 3,500 square miles with approximately 4,000 wireless links in service and operates a private national fibre network from its data centre in Manchester.

High-speed internet access provided from an array of fibre-connected masts across the region is delivered to the end user by microwave or fibre optic cable.

Ultrafast Residential packages start from just £49 per month.

*ThinkBroadband average download speeds for Leeds Sept – December 2016

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Full details of the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK plan can be found here:

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