Leased Lines

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Key features:

If your business needs leased line performance without the high cost or delay associated with a traditional offering then we can help.

What’s more the service doesn’t rely on the local exchange and doesn’t attract civil costs.

Our bespoke business service can be delivered to businesses that fall within our existing coverage areas. If your business is not within one of our networks, we still want to hear from you, as we always look to make a business case to expand our network coverage.


  1. Complete independence from the local exchange and infrastructure
  2. Flexible bandwidths from 5Mbps to 500Mbps
  3. Symmetrical service, the same speed in both directions
  4. Prioritised 4-hour response time
  5. 10-20 day delivery period (if in service area)
  6. Small fixed installation fee that is not at risk of returning hidden excess construction charges
  7. Site relocation flexibility
  8. Unrivalled scalability
  9. 1:1 contention
  10. No data cap
  11. Local support
  12. Contract period from 12-months

What do you get

You get a business grade circuit that provides a guaranteed, dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth.

Ideally suited for businesses that depend on reliable connectivity, leased lines don’t suffer from contended bandwidth or the unreliable delivery traditionally associated with broadband services.

Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of our Broadband Internet services.


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Ineligible sectors

  • aid for the fishery and aquaculture sectors;
  • aid for the primary production of agricultural products;
  • certain aid to undertakings active in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • export aid;
  • aid favouring domestic over imported goods;
  • aid for undertakings active in the coal sector;
  • aid for the acquisition of road transport vehicles; and
  • aid for undertakings in difficulty