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Boundless Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

We operate an independent, fully owned, end-to-end fiber backed FWA microwave network enabling us to control, monitor and scale our network according to demand and ensure that customers always get the service they are promised.

Being completely independent from the ‘copper wire’ infrastructure used by ADSL Broadband and Leased Line providers means that our customers are not impacted by the distance to the local exchange, or if a cable in the ground is accidentally cut.

We run Gigabit fiber optic Ethernet to our main distribution masts and then forward that on to community distribution points via point to point microwave links. From there we further distribute the broadband service via a point to multi-point microwave link to our customers premises. The link is typically made using a dish the size of a small dinner plate, located on a high point on the outside of your building which is in direct line of sight to our nearest distribution point. We also fit a WiFi router inside the property that is used to connect to your PCs and other internet-enabled devices.

The WiFi router we provide is capable of providing a WiFi connection within the room it is located. The range of WiFi signals are affected by many factors, such as thick walls and interference from neighbouring properties. We are unable to guarantee WiFi connectivity over the whole of your property, and the installation of range extenders, repeaters and home plugs is the responsibility of the home owner, these are readily available online or from stores such as PC World and Maplin. Setup is relatively easy and your local PC store or technician can assist you with this if its required.

Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of our Broadband Internet services.


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Ineligible sectors

  • aid for the fishery and aquaculture sectors;
  • aid for the primary production of agricultural products;
  • certain aid to undertakings active in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • export aid;
  • aid favouring domestic over imported goods;
  • aid for undertakings active in the coal sector;
  • aid for the acquisition of road transport vehicles; and
  • aid for undertakings in difficulty