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Boundless Networks provide business-grade connectivity services designed around your organisation using our unique Fibre to the Mast (FTTM) technology.

Starting from as little as £45 per month

Fast Flexible Affordable

Boundless is different. Our national private network is built to deliver high quality internet access where others fail. Using underground fibre optic cable and over the air cutting edge microwave technology, we can deliver super-fast or ultra-fast internet access in even the most remote or rural locations.

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Packaged to Suit Your Business

With standard entry-level packages for smaller businesses and home-workers, this amazing technology is now available through our SOHO FTTM packages, starting from as little as £45 per month.

Our standard enterprise-class service for small/medium to larger organisations is completely bespoke to your requirements and allows you to purchase from 5Mbps to 1Gbps upload and download speeds. Pay for what you need, get what you pay for.

Boundless Networks connections are delivered by underground fibre (FTTP), or over the air microwave (FTTM), from our huge network of specialist mast sites spanning the north of England.

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Want to share a Leased Line?

Boundless Networks can work with you and your neighbours in a business park or office block to deliver the benefits of a leased line by securely and intelligently sharing the connection. Business Park Rings allow us to connect a whole park or campus inexpensively by utilising our fibre optic and microwave expertise.

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Value Added Cloud Services

Let us help you make the most of your high speed internet connection. Did you know that most UK business can save an average of 30% on their total IT and Telecoms costs by utilising Cloud Services?

Boundless provides dedicated Voice over IP (VoIP) cloud telephone services, as well as Cloud Backup and Cloud Security and Hosting. Say goodbye to inflexible and expensive phone systems. Work from the office, work from home. Secure remote working via your computer, with transparent telephone handover from place to place, plus smart features like voice-mail to email allows you to work smart but always be in touch to take that next order.


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Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of our Broadband Internet services.


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Ineligible sectors

  • aid for the fishery and aquaculture sectors;
  • aid for the primary production of agricultural products;
  • certain aid to undertakings active in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • export aid;
  • aid favouring domestic over imported goods;
  • aid for undertakings active in the coal sector;
  • aid for the acquisition of road transport vehicles; and
  • aid for undertakings in difficulty