Boundless Networks delivers 30 Mbps wireless broadband to remote Worth Valley hamlet

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12 October 2017
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Residents of tiny Worth Valley hamlet Slippery Ford, Oakworth, are “ecstatic” after getting superfast broadband installed for the first time, after struggling with just a quarter Mbps that barely allowed them to receive emails, let alone stream any digital content.

“Thanks to Boundless Networks and their wireless broadband solution we now have 30 Mbps wireless broadband and no longer feel so isolated, but rather part of the rest of the world,” said Slippery Ford resident, smallholder Alison Porter.

“We are ecstatic; we are tucked out of the way up here and no-one else has ever been able to get superfast broadband to us before – getting emails has been about it. We were told it was not possible by other providers and yet here we are able to access the Internet, download files, films and generally get on with life far better. It’s great value too and is not capped, so you have unlimited download capacity. What’s more, we don’t need a landline anymore.”

Alison lives with her sister, Julie, and brother-in-law Andrew, and they are one of three remote households at Slippery Ford to benefit from the newly installed superfast broadband from Boundless Networks. Alison, who is in the process of setting up a new smallholding business, said everything was now far easier and quicker thanks to the superfast broadband.

Boundless Networks Chairman David Hood, who lives in Craven, said: “We are really proud and pleased to be the provider of superfast broadband to Slippery Ford, bringing real, positive life changes and opportunities, and hope to offer the same services to other parts of the Worth Valley struggling with connectivity. We are investing in providing services that other providers say are not possible and I am proud to be able to deliver these services to local villages and communities.”

Boundless Networks has contracted local business Pennine Plus as prime contractor for the installations in the area and for their local knowledge of the community.  They have been a key pillar in instigating the project at Slippery Ford from the very conceptualisation of the project to the installation of infrastructure that enabled Slippery Ford to have fibre-like speed broadband.

Pennine Plus Managing Director Geoff Higgins said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of something such as this, to be able to provide these people with what is nowadays considered a basic necessity of modern day life, broadband. Not only have we been able to deliver 30 Mbps broadband to a remote area, we’ve given them the means to become part of the digital era and join the rest of the world, and we couldn’t be prouder of this achievement.”

Boundless Networks is becoming the go-to company for homes and businesses for superfast and ultrafast broadband in rural areas.  We are one of the first companies in the UK to test and deliver ultrafast 100Mbps broadband in the most sparsely populated areas of North Yorkshire, including Kilnsey, Conistone, Buckden, and Starbotton. Coupled with Pennine’s extensive local knowledge and expertise, line-of-sight broadband with Boundless is expanding at an exponential rate across the region, and together we endeavour to service even the most rural of areas.

The ultrafast service is being rolled out by Boundless across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Lancashire over the next three years.  This will also remove the need for homes and businesses to wait for the Government’s Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps by delivering speeds that will futureproof rural communities for a generation.

Picture shows the Boundless mast delivering superfast broadband to Slippery Ford residents, with Boundless and Pennine Plus vans.

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