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Boundless Networks are probably the fastest and largest fibre wireless ISP in Rural and Remote areas of the UK

Who are Boundless Networks?

We are a fast growing telecommunications company, this is helped by our extensive experience across the whole I.T. spectrum, our innovative approach and proven successes of projects undertaken within the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. We provide some of the fastest broadband connections in the Rural North of England – and we are always expanding and improving our Next Generation Network.

Originally called LN Communications Ltd with a trading name of I Love Broadband we were established in 2006 and over the years have expanded until in September 2015 we acquired a similar company called Boundless Communications based in Lancashire. We have adopted the Boundless brand name with offices in Leeds and Chorley.

Why are we the fastest?

It’s all down to our next generation network of fibre optic and wireless infrastructure that enables us to provide some of the fastest and most reliable broadband connections to your home and business.

How do we do this?

By using the very latest fibre and wireless technologies we can build a network that can supply and extend from a dense Urban environment, to small Towns and Villages and then reach out to the many sparsely populated areas within our coverage area.

Boundless Networks – Bringing Superfast Broadband to the heart of your community.
We have considerable experience within the community broadband sector, with years of liaising, installing, and maintaining small to large community networks under both association and commercial business interests. We are able to offer many years experience and expertise in a wide range of technical areas such as Networking (wired and wireless), Hardware Installation, Setup and Configuration, Network Routing, ISP Profiling and Telecoms. In any project we undertake, our work is innovative, using proven methods from our years of diverse experience in the Telecoms, IT and Business arena.

How do I sign up?

Firstly you will need to check the availability of our superfast broadband network in your area, if you are within a coverage area you can choose which broadband and phone package suits your needs, don’t worry if you are unsure we will help and guide you to choose the right package.

If you are not within our current coverage area there may well be a possibility that we are planning to expand our network to cover your community or it may already be covered by one of our approved channel partners, if this is the case we will respond accordingly.

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Terms and Conditions

Detailed below are the terms and conditions of our Broadband Internet services.


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Ineligible sectors

  • aid for the fishery and aquaculture sectors;
  • aid for the primary production of agricultural products;
  • certain aid to undertakings active in the processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • export aid;
  • aid favouring domestic over imported goods;
  • aid for undertakings active in the coal sector;
  • aid for the acquisition of road transport vehicles; and
  • aid for undertakings in difficulty